Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Organizing my information intake

Now that we've finally dropped all our printed newspapers, and with (a little) extra time to focus, it's time to get my news and information organized online.

First, why did we drop our newspapers? They are still one of the most effective, portable, browsable forms of news (at least until I get a new cell phone or maybe a kindle). But, honestly, I was sick of recycling newspapers, of paying extra for news delivery, especially when the current news deliverer kept mixing up which newspaper we were receiving. Oh, and yes, there was that recent morning where my snow blower was seriously jammed sucking up the Boston Sunday Globe - haphazardly lurking under a layer of snow. Nice. And expensive to repair.

So online we go. Here is the first one I ran into: I was immediately captivated by this site, which shows various channels of news from syndicated publications around the world. Trash talk aside, it has some great features. For example, you can create a new channel with refined search terms in seconds. I created one for Boston for example, with all news that contains the word 'Boston' - with pretty good results. With more refinement in the search terms and type of content, I'll be able to get just what I want.

MyWired also has a section for premium news, where you can pay for specific content in a subscription or for $1 an article. This might be useful, though I think the rate should be reduced for me to go for it at this time - maybe to 10 cents per article. I'm watching the section for now. $4.95 per month might be worthwhile if this becomes my main news intake.

Finally, it has some community features - put up a profile or share your channels or articles with others. These might be interesting features - especially if folks have put up really interesting or successful customized channels.

MyWired gets my provisional vote on, though I'm going to wait and see what else I can find out there. It might need more features and certainly needs to get out there more - only found 2 results searching on Twitter for MyWire - and they are not very relevant.

Will look at something else tomorrow.

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  1. Hey, Mike

    Great post. I have become a big fan of WSJ Online, NY Times and But I will check on MyWired.

    And thanks for reading my latest blog post!